Walnut Beet Pesto Salad

Serves 4 (about 1/2 cup each)  Beets just don’t get any better than this . . . even those of you who are not beet lover, your taste buds will be delighted and your body will sing as this salad is both delicious and nutritious.   The salad has only two ingredients, grated beets and minced […]

Curry Miso Energy Soup

Six Servings (about one and one half cups per servings Green, the color of good health, is well expressed in this quick and easy to make blender soup. Avocado gives it a smooth creaminess, white miso, lemon and curry give it it’s unique and delicious taste and sprouts along with fresh greens add lots of […]

Mediterranean Lentil Salad …

With Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette Eight Servings (about one cup per serving)  This hearty salad is made with lots of fresh vegetables diced-up small, fresh herbs and French lentils that have been soaked and cooked to perfection. It is then marinated in a sweet aged balsamic vinaigrette. Lentils are a tasty legume that cooks-up in about […]

Heaven on Earth … Vanilla Coconut Cream

Topped With Mixed Berries Serves 8 (about a half cup per serving) Heaven on Earth is all you need to know about this heavenly dessert to be inspired to make it. It is full of goodness and heavenly flavors. It’s made from a deep rich coconut cream,seasoned with a vanilla powder, thickened with chia seeds […]

Tri-Tonic Tea … An Introduction to Tonic Herbs!

  I am so inspired by the power of tonic herbs that I want to share this simple recipe for making a basic tonic tea. Tonic herbs are the superior herbs. They have the magic to heal and build. To be categorized as a tonic herb, an herb must be safe to take on a […]

Black Sesame Pesto … A Dressing or Sauce!

“Open sesame” a saying made famous in the play, Arabian Nights, reflects the power of thesesame seed as it’s seed pod reaches maturity, it burst open spreading it’s seed far and wide. Sesame seeds come in ivory, mahogany and black. The black sesame seeds are especially high in phyto-nutrients such an antioxidants. This unique, tasty […]

Jia’s Birthday Chocolate Caramel Cups

♥  Mikaële Holzer  ♥  David Avocado Wolfe  ♥  Jia Patton  ♥ A bite into these luscious chocolates reveals a creamy caramel center made with healthy, low-glycemic ingredients. The chocolate is even more special as it is infused with chaga mushroom powder, a great immune buster, Spirulina, a building and cleansing food, and a pro-biotic to […]

Chocolate Bliss … Macaroons that Rock!

 Makes about 36  Yummy and good for you too!  Could this really be . . . these chocolate macaroons are made with all raw ingredients including raw chocolate known by its ancient name, cacao.  When chocolate is raw it is exploding with phytonutrients and antioxidants.  These macaroons are a tasty way to enjoy what the […]