Garden Salad Wraps

Serves Eight (one wrap per serving) Garden Salad Wraps are a fun way to serve a salad and a creative way to use leftover dips, spreads, pâtés, cooked grains, beans, salads and salad dressings. The wrapper can be a warm sprouted tortilla or leaves of lettuce, cabbage or mustard greens. Once you understand how a salad wrap […]

Raw Apple Goji Delight

Six Servings (about one half cup per serving) Bring more raw living foods to your dinner table with this delightful raw apple dessert. Sweet crisp red or yellow apples are grated and goji berries are added for their great nutrition and color. An Apple Ginger Sauce adds a sweet tartness and Orange Ginger Mac Nut […]

1Curry Miso Green Soup

Six Servings (about one and one half cups per serving) Green, the color of good health, is well expressed in this quick and easy to make blender soup. It can be a meal in itself or served along with other raw dishes. It is so nourishing and delicious you may want to make it often. […]

Pecan Burgers

Serve 6 (about two burgers each) Pecans are a delicious, nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich nut native to North America. That is why pecans were chosen for these great uncooked burgers. Instead of cooking, these burgers are dehydrated until a crust forms on top and yet still moist inside. A tasty tangy tomato pesto and marinated onion rings […]

Mac Nut Cheez

Makes about 3 cups An amazing alchemy happens when you culture (ferment) foods. Foods become easy to digest, vitamins increase, enzymes abound, antibiotic and anti-carcinogenic substances are produced and lactic acid (a major by-product of the fermentation process) feeds the micro-flora in our intestines where they stimulate the production of vitamin K and the B […]

Sunny Almond Pâté

It’s the holidays… a time to share our culinary treasureswith family and friends. Sunny Almond Pâté is quick and easy to make and full of high quality nutrition. It’s always a big hit at pot lucks, and during the holidays, serve as a prelude to your holiday meals! Sunny Almond Pâté Makes 3 cups Sunny […]

The best flax cracker recipe ever!

I’ve been playing around with making raw flax crackers lately and this is one of the best crackers I have ever had. Try them, you may like them too! The carrots can be grated by hand or with a food processor.   Carrot Black Sesame Crackers   In a high speed blender or food processor, […]

Seasoned Pumpkin Seeds

Makes 3 cups Seasoned Pumpkin Seeds are raw pumpkin seeds that are soaked, then seasoned and dehydrated. They have a crisp-chewy texture and will add lots of flavor and nutrition to your diet. Pumpkin seeds are a great food to include at your meals, and Seasoned Pumpkin Seeds are a tasty way to enjoy these […]

Goji Berries… the happy berry!

Goji Berries, known in Asia as the “Happy Berry,” is perhaps the most nutritionally rich fruit on Earth. Gojies are small red berries that resemble raisins in size and texture, but wow, what a power house. Gojies have been hailed as increasing longevity and they are the number one ingredient in Chinese medicine. It is […]

Flavored Waters

  I just started making waters flavored with antioxidant rich ingredients, fresh turmeric and ginger and another water with goji berries, the number one herb in Chinese medicine. These waters are a great way to stay hydrated while replacing important nutrients. Experiment with your own flavored waters. Ginger Turmeric Tonic Water 4 cups filtered or […]