Mac Nut Cheez

Makes about 3 cups An amazing alchemy happens when you culture (ferment) foods. Foods become easy to digest, vitamins increase, enzymes abound, antibiotic and anti-carcinogenic substances are produced and lactic acid (a major by-product of the fermentation process) feeds the micro-flora in our intestines where they stimulate the production of vitamin K and the B […]

Sunny Almond Pâté

It’s the holidays… a time to share our culinary treasureswith family and friends. Sunny Almond Pâté is quick and easy to make and full of high quality nutrition. It’s always a big hit at pot lucks, and during the holidays, serve as a prelude to your holiday meals! Sunny Almond Pâté Makes 3 cups Sunny […]

The best flax cracker recipe ever!

I’ve been playing around with making raw flax crackers lately and this is one of the best crackers I have ever had. Try them, you may like them too! The carrots can be grated by hand or with a food processor.   Carrot Black Sesame Crackers   In a high speed blender or food processor, […]

Seasoned Pumpkin Seeds

Makes 3 cups Seasoned Pumpkin Seeds are raw pumpkin seeds that are soaked, then seasoned and dehydrated. They have a crisp-chewy texture and will add lots of flavor and nutrition to your diet. Pumpkin seeds are a great food to include at your meals, and Seasoned Pumpkin Seeds are a tasty way to enjoy these […]