Walnut Beet Pesto Salad

Serves 4 (about 1/2 cup each)

 Beets just don’t get any better than this . . . even those of you who are not beet lover, your taste buds will be delighted and your body will sing as this salad is both delicious and nutritious.   The salad has only two ingredients, grated beets and minced red onion.  The Walnut Dill Pesto Dressing is tossed in to give body, depth of flavor and an amazing nutritional profile.  Be sure to wear an apron when making this salad. 

To the Cook:  Start soaking the walnuts 12 to 24 hours ahead of time (see ingredient list below).  It is important to soak the walnuts as soaking  improves their taste, texture and the nutritional profile of this dressing.  Use the 1/8-inch holes on the grater to grate the beets.  The beets can be grated by hand or in a food processor with the small grate attachment.

Beet Salad

 3   medium red beets, grated small

 3   tablespoons minced purple onion                       

 Walnut Dill Pesto Dressing .

 ½   cup raw walnuts, soaked 12 to 24 hours (see KitchenTips, page 00)

 ½   cup chopped fresh dill weed

 1/3 cup olive oil

 3   tablespoons fresh lemon juice

 3   tablespoons balsamic vinegar

 2   tablespoons brown rice miso or soy sauce

For An Artful Presentation(optional)

 4   large Bibb lettuce leaves

 4   rings purple onion

 4   halves walnuts, soaked

 4   sprigs  fresh dill weed

 Beet Salad

Stir:  In a small salad bowl, put the grated beet and minced onion and stir to mix.

 Walnut Dill Pesto Dressing

 Blend: In a blender, put all the ingredients for the pesto and blend until creamy smooth.

 Stir:  Pour the Dressing over the Salad and stir to mix well.

 For An Artful Presentation (optional)

 To serve as individual salads:  On 4 chilled salad plates, put a leaf of lettuce, mount ¼ of the salad on top then decorate with an onion ring, a walnut half and a sprig of dill.   To serve family style:  On a large platter, put the four leaves of lettuce.  Mold the Salad into a mound by putting the salad into a smallish bowl and press it down firmly to pack it.  Turn the bowl up-side-down in the center of the leaves of lettuce and tap firmly on the bottom of the bowl until the salad releases.  Decorate the top with the onion rings, walnut halves and sprigs of dill.

 Serving Ideas:This is a great salad for a buffet when other salads will be served as well or as a side salad at any dinner or lunch. 

 How to Store:  Keep in a covered glass container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

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