Heaven on Earth … Vanilla Coconut Cream


Topped With Mixed Berries

Serves 8 (about a half cup per serving)

Heaven on Earth is all you need to know about this heavenly dessert to be inspired to make it. It is full of goodness and heavenly flavors. It’s made from a deep rich coconut cream,seasoned with a vanilla powder, thickened with chia seeds and topped with a variety of colorful berries. As you prepare this heavenly delight, sing softly as you dance around your kitchen in a state of ecstatic joy You will be blessed as well as your food creations!

To the Chef: 3 Ways to Make Coconut Cream: 1) In a high speed blender, put 1 ½ cups unsweetened coconut flakes plus 3 cups water and blend well. Strain. Discard pulp. 2) In a blender, put a 7oz box of Let’s Do… Organic Creamed Coconut plus 2 cups water and blend until smooth.3) In a blender, put the soft flesh of a young coconut plus the coconut water and blend until smooth. 

Equipment Needed: High speed blender, or if using a home blender, blend in 2 batches.

            Vanilla Coconut Cream

            3 cups coconut cream (see Tips to the Chef … 3 ways to make coconut Cream)

            1 cup macadamian nuts or other white nut

            ½ cup soft coconut oil

            ½ cup agave nectar or other liquid sweetener

            2 teaspoons vanilla powder or extract

            1 pinch sea salt

            ¼ cup chia seeds, dry

            Mixed Berries

            1 pint strawberries, sliced

            1 pint raspberries

            1 pint black berries

            For an Artful Presentation

            1 bunch mint sprigs


Vanilla Coconut Cream

In a high speed blender, put all the ingredients for the Vanilla Coconut Cream, except the chia seeds, and blend until smooth. If using a home blender, blend in 2 batches. Stop the blender, add the chia seeds and stir.

Pour the Vanilla Coconut Cream into a decorative serving bowl and put in the refrigerator until set-up, about 4 hours. Heaven on Earth is like a thick pudding and should not be solid.

Mixed Berries

When the Vanilla Coconut Cream has set-up, pile the Mixed Berries on top, or if you prefer, arrange the berries in a decorative pattern Put in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

For An Artful Presentation

Use your creative ability to place the mint around the edge of the berries and maybe some on top and poked here and there around the berries.

Serving Ideas

Serve on top of a ginger cookie or serve just as it is. For a casual gathering, serve along with a cup of hot tea, such as white tea with jasmine flowers or tulsi tea with rose petals.

How to Store

Cover with cellophane or other cover and store in the refrigerator for up to 5 days, if it last that long!

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