Celebrate New Phoenix Rising Open House! 31 August 2012


Celebrate the Beginning of a New Phase in the Growth of New Phoenix Rising with Chef Jia Local Chef Jia and New Phoenix Rising distributor will teach you how to make ~ BioLumina Charged Chocolate Walnut Squares ~ @ New Phoenix Rising Open House 6060 Graham Hill Road, Suite A & B Friday, 31 August […]

Celebrate An Abundant Life! San Luis Obispo, Sunday, 16 Sept 2012 (this is a private event ~ email me at CookingWithJia@GMail.com if you are interested)


Celebrate An Abundant Life! With Black Foods! High Phyto-Nutrient Infused Cuisine ~ by Chef Jia Patton Zucchi Bites From the abundance of my garden comes this new food that will make your taste buds dance! Tri-Tonic Tea Chaga Mushroom, Pau ‘d Arco, Goji Berries. An immune builder!  Sprouted & Steamed Black Quinoa Salad ~ tossed […]

Celebrate Kimberly’s Life! 21 Aug 2012 (this is a private event)


Celebrate Kimberly’s Life! With Black Foods! High Phyto-Nutrient Infused Cuisine ~ by Chef Jia Patton Zucchi Bites The next sin-sation! From the a-bun-dance of my garden to your mouth! This new food will make your taste buds dance! Sprouted & Steamed Black Quinoa Salad ~ tossed in Lemon Dressing ~ ~ topped with Simple Basil […]

Jia’s Birthday Chocolate Caramel Cups


♥  Mikaële Holzer  ♥  David Avocado Wolfe  ♥  Jia Patton  ♥ A bite into these luscious chocolates reveals a creamy caramel center made with healthy, low-glycemic ingredients. The chocolate is even more special as it is infused with chaga mushroom powder, a great immune buster, Spirulina, a building and cleansing food, and a pro-biotic to […]

The Garden Faire ~ 23 June 2012

Come join me this Saturday, 23 Junev2012 @ The Garden Faire at Sky Park in Scott’s Valley off Mt. Herman Road. At 1:30 I will be teaching how to make Chocolate Bliss … raw medicinal chocolate! Yummy samples too!  

Spring into Summer … Fest 2012


I am the featured chef at Spring into Summer, Fest 2012. I will be preparing a dinner with food donated by our Santa Cruz local Farmer’s Markets and New Leaf Markets and Staff of Life. This event is a benefit for Community Alliance with Family Farmers. Hope to see you there!  Spring into Summer ~ […]