Celebrate New Phoenix Rising Open House! 31 August 2012

Celebrate the Beginning of a New Phase in the Growth of New Phoenix Rising with Chef Jia Local Chef Jia and New Phoenix Rising distributor will teach you how to make ~ BioLumina Charged Chocolate Walnut Squares ~ @ New Phoenix Rising Open House 6060 Graham Hill Road, Suite A & B Friday, 31 August […]

Eating Lots of Raw & Living Foods

Fifty-Fifty… Where Health Begins The VeganFresh Cuisine encourages you to have at least half your plate at every meal consist of raw and living foods. Raw and living foods are essential to good health as they contain all their nutrients and enzymes. The VeganFresh Cuisine includes cultured foods at each meal as well. Cultured foods […]

Welcome to VeganFresh VeganFresh is my new direction in food preparation based on over 23 years of experience as a vegan chef, cookbook author and cooking instructor. VeganFresh is whole natural plant foods. that are sustainably grown and harvested from our Earth; land and sea. VeganFresh foods are prepared in ways, often raw, that preserve […]