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VeganFresh is my new direction in food preparation based on over 23 years of experience as a vegan chef, cookbook author and cooking instructor. VeganFresh is whole natural plant foods. that are sustainably grown and harvested from our Earth; land and sea. VeganFresh foods are prepared in ways, often raw, that preserve their freshness and nutritional value. I will guide you to better health through good eating.

This blog will highlight at least one plant food each week. I will talk about its nutritional benefits, how to shop for it, and a recipe that features the highlighted food. You will find foods you are already familiar with and others that may be new to you, all prepared in delicious, exciting new ways and served with a touch of elegance.

I will also bring you a continuous stream of KitchenWisdom, valuable information about vegan ingredients. I will make KitchenWisdom extra special by adding pictures. KitchenWisdom will include information on herbs and spices, fruits, vegetables and sea vegetables, beans and grains, natural sweetners and unrefined oils as well as other important ingredients, cooking and prepping techniques, kitchen equipment and some fun and useful unexpected culinary tips

Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or an omnivore looking to add more plant based foods to your diet, you will find valuable new information to enhance your life and those you love. As a yogi, I will guide you in bringing more joy, love and gratitude into your kitchen experience and into every meal you prepare and serve.

In Vibrant Health… Jia

Chia See
ds… Nature’s Wonder Seed!

Chia is the Mayan word for strength, and Indians in Southern Mexico know chia seeds as “Indian Running Food.” In the raw food world, chia seeds are being hailed as a near perfect food as they are easy to digest, promote healthy elimination, are the highest known plant source of the essential fatty acid, Omega 3, are between 19 to 23% protein and have lots of soluble fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Chia seeds hold more than nine times their weight in water and as such are super hydrating to our cells. Chia seeds are so full of antioxidants that they will keep up to 5 years if stored in a cool dark place. When chia seeds are mixed with a liquid they turn into a gel that is easily added to foods such as juices, salad dressings, dessert puddings and cereals. Look for organically grown chia seeds… they are good for you, the farmer, insects and our Earth!

Daily Amount: Eat 2 to 4 tablespoons of the dry chia seeds every day, but make them into a gel first.

Chia Gel: In a pint jar, put 1/3 cup dry chia seeds and fill to the top with pure water or fruit juice. Secure with the lid and shake to mix. Let sit 10 minutes then shake again. Refrigerate for 12 hours before eating for the best absorption of nutrients. Makes 3 servings.

Chia Pudding: To make a simple chia pudding, put 1 pint Chia Gel (see above) into a blender with 1 cup unsweetened pomegranate, black cherry or cranberry juice and 1 chopped apple. Blend until smooth. Keeps for several days in the refrigerator. Makes 4 servings.

Quick & Easy Chia Pudding: In a dessert bowl, put 1/2 cup Chia Gel (see above) and 1/4 cup pomegranate juice or other juice (unpasteurized is best). Stir and enjoy.

Ground Chia: Chia seeds can also be ground and added to raw and living foods as a thickening agent and nutritional booster. Grind the dry seeds in a spice or coffee grinder or a high speed blender (be sure blender is dry). Use soon after grinding.

As your hands and spirit dance with the chias,
you add your energy and love to these precious gifts from our Earth

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  1. Hi Jia … Love your Blog! Beautiful, interesting and useful. And, many thanks for your gift of Chia Pudding … a most delightful concoction. Atom