These Annoying Stickers Have a Good Purpose! Just remember: 9 is fine but keep 8 off your plate!

This sticker will let you know if something is GMO!

As a chef, I have always found these little stickers, usually made of plastic, to be very annoying especially because I compost all my kitchen scraps and I don’t want plastic in my compost. Now, I am slightly less annoyed because I recently learned they can tell shoppers if something has been grown organically, commercially (with pesticides and herbicides) or as GMOs. That’s an imortant piece of information that can help you make good food choic es for you and your famiLy.

PLU (Price Look-Up) Code can be a four or five digit number. Here’s how it works:

  • Organically Grown = 5 digit code starting with 9
  • Commercially Grown = 4 digit code starting with 3 or 4
  • GMOs = 5 digit code starting with
Here’s a simple rhyme to help you while you shop. Nine (9) is fine but keep eight (8) off your plate!







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