Kitchen Puja … The Most Important Place in Your Kitchen!

It is customary in many cultures to have a place in the kitchen that is invested with the power to remind us of the sacred in all things. A Kitchen Puja (altar) is that special place. You could think of your Kitchen Puja as the soul of your kitchen.

Creating a Kitchen Puja is fun and can be a source of great pleasure and nourishment. It doesn’t need much space, a window sill or a corner of a shelf will do. Place objects on your puja that are especially meaningful to you; a picture of someone or someplace that brings you great joy such as a religious figure, teacher, friend,  family member, a waterfall or a picture of a flower. Be creative when making your puja, adding things you find in nature like a beautiful shell from a walk on the beach or a wild flower when traipsing through a meadow. Your Kitchen Puja can be as elaborate or simple as you like. Each time you connect with your Kitchen Puja, let it bring up a feeling of calm and connection to the eternal.

When entering your kitchen to prepare a meal, whether it be just a snack or a large dinner party, connect with your Kitchen Puja. Light a candle, say a simple prayer, sing a song or twirl and dance. It is always recommended to take a deep breath to bring yourself to center. In these ways you ready yourself for the task at hand. Now that you are in a centered joyful state, you are ready for the sacred task of preparing food. From this centered place, you will bring a healing energy into all you prepare. Believe it with all your heart and it will be so!

May all the  food prepared in this kitchen
bring healing and blessings to all who partake of it.

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