More on Those Anoying Little Stickers on Fruits & Vegetables!

Until today I found nothing good about those annoying little stickers you find on fruits and vegetables. Today I found out that you can use these stickers to check them against the sign that gives the price and says if a fruit/vegetable is organic or commercial. Mislabeling can happen intentionally or by someone just being […]

Agave Nectar…

In my most recent books,”Celebrate Life!” and “Vegan Inspirations”, I suggest using agave nectar as a high quality sweeter. At the time of publication, agave nectar was being hailed as a healthy alternative to sugar, high fructose corn syrup and even maple syrup as agave was being sold as raw and maple syrup is cooked […]

Why Soak Nuts & Seeds?

Why Soak Nuts & Seeds? White nuts and seeds, like pinenuts, cashews, white sesame seeds, do not need to be soak. For all other nuts and seeds, when a recipe calls for nuts and/or seeds to be soaked, it is not optional unless specified in the recipe. Soaking nuts and seeds changes their texture and […]

Grapes into Grape Juice… Yum!

Bruce Damer and Galen Brandt are my neighbors and they are living off their land more and more each year. Today I visited them and we picked loads of grapes that I will turn into phyto-nutrient rich juice tonight before I retire for the evening. I will make the juice with my 25 year old […]

TriYoga Interviews Me!

Kaliji & Jia introduce Celebrate Life! to the TriYoga community I’m really excited and honored! The Kali Ray TriYoga newsletter, In the Flow, just did an interview with me. I have been studying with Kaliji for over 20 years. I have traveled to India with her three times; as well as to Russia, Ukraine and […]

Before Julie & Julia there was Jia & Julia!

I met Ms. Childs at the International Association of Culinary Professionals ( national conference in San Francisco in June of 1994. Julia had just stepped off stage where she enjoyed poking fun at vegetarians!

Goji Berries… the happy berry!

Goji Berries, known in Asia as the “Happy Berry,” is perhaps the most nutritionally rich fruit on Earth. Gojies are small red berries that resemble raisins in size and texture, but wow, what a power house. Gojies have been hailed as increasing longevity and they are the number one ingredient in Chinese medicine. It is […]

The Power of Raw Another great reason to eat your greens, according to David Wolfe from, is that minerals concentrate in the green leaves and stems of plants. Minerals, we are discovering, are a major key to exceptional health. Minerals and their role in food and vibrant health are a passion of mine so […]