The Power of Raw

Another great reason to eat your greens, according to David Wolfe from, is that minerals concentrate in the green leaves and stems of plants. Minerals, we are discovering, are a major key to exceptional health. Minerals and their role in food and vibrant health are a passion of mine so I will definitely be talking about them in future postings.

Raw and living foods are so good for us and salads are a great way to eat raw foods. Raw foods contain life affirming enzymes that are destroyed by heat. Enzymes are proteins that are needed for many biological processes that take place in our bodies. To increase the production of enzymes in your own body… simply chew your food. Chewing your food sends a signal to your stomach to produce enzymes that will help in the digestion of food. Plus chewing breaks down your food into a size that can start to be used by our bodies. More about enzymes in future blog postings.

And… the very latest research out of Germany is in regards to biophotons. Biophotons are photons (light) from our sun that are captured and stored in plants as energy. Many biophotons are destroyed by cooking. Another reason to eat a lot of raw and living foods.

Fruits and vegetables keep us healthy and feeling out best. They grown-up from our Earth, interact with our Sun and other elements to provide us with everything essential to good health. Vitamins, minerals, fiber and now we know that fruits and vegetable’s real age-defying power is their antioxidants. Antioxidants stop free radicals in their tracks and keep our cells tuned-up giving us a glow and  we look and feel young and vibrant … our natural state!


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