Decoding The Annoying Little Stickers
On Fruits & Vegetables

In joyous celebration of all that is good and health-giving I like growing my own fruits and vegetables or burying directly from farmers. When I do this I can be more assured of the quality of my produce… and there are no annoying little stickers to remove! But if you must buy fruits and vegetables with annoying little stickers you should know what information they contain. In this way, you can make purchases that better support your health, the health of your family and our precious Earth!

  • Conventionally grown produce has a 4-digit number
  • Organically grown produce has a 5-digit number that begins with a “9”
  • Genetically modified produce has a 5-digit number that begins with an “8”
Produce Stickers Don’t Compost

If you are composting your kitchen scraps, you need to be diligent about removing the little oval stickers on produce. They are plastic and will not break-down. Peel them off or cut them out and put them in the garbage. You do not want plastic in your compost.

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