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Spring into Summer … Fest 2012

I am the featured chef at Spring into Summer, Fest 2012. I will be preparing a dinner with food donated by our Santa Cruz local Farmer’s Markets and New Leaf Markets and Staff of Life. This event is a benefit for Community Alliance with Family Farmers. Hope to see you there!  Spring into Summer ~ […]

Raw Apple Goji Delight

Six Servings (about one half cup per serving) Bring more raw living foods to your dinner table with this delightful raw apple dessert. Sweet crisp red or yellow apples are grated and goji berries are added for their great nutrition and color. An Apple Ginger Sauce adds a sweet tartness and Orange Ginger Mac Nut […]

It’s Our Right To Know … Label GMO’s!

Amber at GMO Rally Amber Making Her Sign for Santa Cruz Label GMO Rally My seven year old granddaughter Amber Light is passionate about her food being free from GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms are a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an […]

1Curry Miso Green Soup

Six Servings (about one and one half cups per serving) Green, the color of good health, is well expressed in this quick and easy to make blender soup. It can be a meal in itself or served along with other raw dishes. It is so nourishing and delicious you may want to make it often. […]

Apple Walnut Granola

Makes Twelve Cups Alive with enzymes, great nutrition and outstanding flavor, this granola will quickly become a favorite staple for a quick snack when on the run or a morning get-me-going breakfast cereal served with Almond Goji Mylk (see May 2009 posting). Apple Walnut Granola is sweetened with apple, pear and a little coconut palm […]

Botanically Blessed Desserts with Jia Patton

© 2006 Carrie Toder Sunday, April 10th ~ 1-4pm 1821 17th Av, Santa Cruz, CA 95062Call to Enroll ~ $50831-462-1807 ~ You may know the mystical, magical healing powers of Essential Oils when applied to the skin. Now learn how to use EO’s in exotic desserts to enhance their flavor and boost your immunity […]

Pecan Burgers

Serve 6 (about two burgers each) Pecans are a delicious, nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich nut native to North America. That is why pecans were chosen for these great uncooked burgers. Instead of cooking, these burgers are dehydrated until a crust forms on top and yet still moist inside. A tasty tangy tomato pesto and marinated onion rings […]